JUNE 17-18 2014 Agenda

Update on fuel biostability/biocorrosion assay: From littoral seawater to Navy ballast tanks -- J. Suflita

Comparing microbial communities from seawater to those obtained from ballast tanks -- K. Duncan

Navy ballast tank waters: Aqueous metal chemistry and pitting of steel by isolated soluble EPS -- M. Nanny / M. Eastman

Relative biodegradability of n- and iso-alkanes: toward the design of future fuel formulations -- T. Lenhart

Impact of fuel structure on fumarate addition: insights from electronic structure calculations, reactive complexes and kinetic modeling -- T. Gunasekera

Metagenomes of ballast tanks: what can we learn? -- C. Marks

An overview of MIC/biodeterioration research at AFRL -- W. Goodson

The increasing need to resolve biological fuel contamination -- H. Chesneau

A comparative study of suboxic/sulfidogenic corrosion of carbon steel and pure iron exposed to mixed cultures of aerobic and anaerobic species in fuel/seawater systems -- M. Wolfenden

Critical issues in suboxic/sulfidogenic corrosion studies and applications to 1018 carbon steel corrosion -- R. Avci

Correlation between residual strain and corrosion in 1018 carbon steel exposed to suboxic/sulfidogenic environments -- R. Avci

A Proposed System for Monitoring the Development of Microbial Biofilms on Carbon Steel in the Presence of Seawater and Fuel -- A. Oldham

Comparison of Marine Biofilms on Surfaces of Stainless-Steel Coupled to 70/30 Copper-Nickel, Carbon Steel and Aluminum:  An Update -- A. Oldham

Investigating corrosion of 1018 carbon steel exposed to Key West seawater under continuous flow conditions: comprehensive laboratory bioreactor study, including metabolomics, metabolomic imaging and Laser Ablation Nucleic Acid Recovery (LANAR) --

Part 1 -- Z. Makama

Part 2 -- J. Sunner

The effect of navy fuels and/or nitrate on the growth of Marinobacter isolate B1 and its impact on corrosion of 1018 carbon steel: an update -- I. Beech / S. Celikkolsu / A. Herath

Metabolomics of Navy Ballast Tank Waters and Related Studies -- J. Sunner

Computer Simulations of Oxygen Transport in Navy Ballast Tanks -- J. Sunner

Developments in the Chemical Perspective of Biocorrosion: Connecting Metabolomics, Fuel Degradation, Oxygen, Electrochemisty, and Laboratory Corrosion Experiments -- J. Sunner / I. Beech

Carbon steel corrosion rates and mechanisms by D. indonesensis EPS as measured by LPR -- M. Nanny







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