The MURI Team

The MURI team is part of several collaborative efforts to establish the molecular basis of anaerobic hydrocarbon metabolism.  They are also involved in the genome sequencing of microbial communities responsible for corroding carbon steel in oil pipelines on the North Slope of Alaska and in collaborative efforts to sequence and annotate the genomes of three alkane-degrading sulfate-reducing bacteria.  This involvement gives the MURI team a unique molecular perspective and an ability to perform a variety of targeted experiments with these organisms as models.

Corroded Pipe

Principal Investigators

Joseph Suflita, Ph.D.
Kathleen Duncan, Ph.D.
Mark Nanny, Ph.D.
Iwona Beech, Ph.D.
Jan Sunner, Ph.D.
Irene Davidova, Ph.D.
Tiffany Lenhart, Ph.D.
Deniz Aktas, Ph.D.
Tony Dean, Ph.D. (Colorado School of Mines)
Margaret Eastman, Ph.D. (Oklahoma State Univ.)
Recep Avci, Ph.D. (Montanta State Univ.)

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