Jan Sunner, Research Professor

Dr. Jan Sunner

department of chemistry and biochemistry

University of Oklahoma; Norman, OK 73019
Email:  jan.sunner-1@ou.edu


  • Internationally recognized expert in the field of desorption ionization, i.e. methods in which ions are obtained from involatile materials
  • Discovered and named surface-assisted laser desorption ionization (SALDI) mass spectrometry, now a separate field of MS analysis
  • Developed the most sensitive method yet for vapor phase analysis of drugs and other substances (gas-phase SALDI); patent holder
  • MS analysis of membrane proteins in collaborations with microbiologist and biochemists; proteomics, protein purifications, and protein identification through proteolysis
  • Experience with protein sample handling, purification, gel electrophoresis, and capillary zone electrophoresis
  • Developed laser-desorption method for fast characterization of asphalts, using both pattern recognition and spectral interpretation approaches of standard and road-exposed, degraded samples
  • Worked on bacterial enzymatic degradation of petroleum fractions, with identification of critical enzymes using bacterial proteomic
  • Real-time analysis of reactive combustion products using mass spectrometry
  • Decade-long interest in this area of mass spectrometry, with a focus on detection of biofilm metabolic states implicated in substrate and petroleum degradation
  • Extensive hands-on experience with designing, building, and maintaining equipment, in particular mass spectrometers and ion sources, but also electrophoresis equipment and other laboratory instrumentation

Dr. Sunner is currently utilizing advanced mass spectrometry methods including gas chromatography and liquid chromatography to understand the importance of biofilm community structure and the involvement of bacterial metabolites, including extracellular polymeric substances, in microbially- influenced corrosion (MIC).

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